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If you want to join the seminar, submit the following application form. Please note that we are using the Mailchimp website to manage announcements, whose data protection regulations apply.

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How to join a session

The remainder of this page contains detailed information on how to join a session, and what to do in case problems appear. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, please read the following information before joining the seminar for the first time.

The organizers of a session will always be online 30 minutes before the session starts. When joining for the first time, we recommend you to log in 15 minutes in advance as familiarizing yourself with the platform may take a few moments.

Sessions will be held via Zoom. The link and password to join a session will be provided in talk announcement emails. Please take into account the following requirements:

  1. If you own a headset or headphones with included microphone, please use it during the meeting. This significantly improves the quality of discussions since the algorithms will do better in separating your voice from the environment (which is a non-trivial task with many participants in the meeting).
  2. In case of unexpected connection problems, you can use your phone to connect. Phone numbers and the necessary access code are available via the Zoom app.
  3. Apart from ensuring a reasonable internet connection, also closing other applications on one's machine often significantly increases the quality.