Details about the seminar

This is an online seminar series bridging mathematical, philosophical and empirical approaches to consciousness.

Speakers and participants

Talks are given by renowned scientists and philosophers in consciousness research with a particular interest in formal approaches.

How to join

To join the seminar, please apply as described here. This page also contains instructions on how to access individual sessions.


Talks will be scheduled on a continual basis. Date and time of each talk will be announced to participants of the seminar via email, typically a few weeks in advance.


This seminar series consists of talks and discussions. Discussions are usually not recorded, but videos of most of the talks are available at our Youtube channel.

Previous seminar

This seminar series is a continuation of the series Progress and Visions in the Scientific Study of the Mind-Matter Relation held in 2018.


Johannes Kleiner (Munich)
Joanna Szczotka (Sussex and Cracow)
Xerxes D. Arsiwalla (Barcelona)
Sean Tull (Oxford)
Robin Lorenz (Oxford)


We gratefully acknowledge the support of: